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I cannot figure out your cafe. I find 3 websites for you AND facebook pages but not a single one has up-to-date information. I see your Arthurs advertisement in the Gazette, but WTF why do you even bother? I can't figure how you got all those glowing reviews. Did you post them yourselfs?ć

Admin reply: You need to address your comments to Richard at 518-382-1938. He is the owner and had responsibility for his "official" webpage at http://stockadecafes.com

I am a former (uncompensated) webmaster who owns this domain. I do my best to update it, but I have not seen one of the paper schedules for months. I do not go to the cafes.
I will update this as a service to my old cafe friends as soon as I know the info.
A side note: Arthurs has been purchased. Maybe it's not in operation anymore as a part of M&Rs. I don't know.

Added: December 31, 2017
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We used to love going to your cafe. The only no-alcohol venue in the area with great entertainment. I remember when you opened 4pm to 11 each night and had entertainment at 8, usually and 7 when there was to be 2 shows.

Then you changed shows to 7pm, when we've just finished dinner and must walk the dog, and at 8, the show is half over, so why bother? But we did. Then you changed closing to 10, making it harder to justify going to Moon and River, then to 9pm. WHY??????

You had a great place, but you, YOU ruined it.

R.I.P., Moon and River Cafe.

Admin reply: Sharon:

Richard does not use the internet, so he will never see your comment .. maybe you should print this page and mail it to him? Or give it to him in person if you still visit the cafe.

Sadly, I don't think he cares, I'm afraid to write.

Added: April 20, 2016
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YES! There will be fantastic music this Friday, June 26th. Starts at 8:00 PM. Seating is limited so get there early and sing along. Clap your hands.
Those of you in the front row, just rattle your jewelry.....

Added: June 20, 2015
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I still have not been able to find an evening that you are open on, even when I got there before 10pm.

But I write this time because your schedule just keeps reading lines like:
Friday 17th of April
Call 518-894-8391 for info.
Saturday 18th of April
Schedule for 04/18/2015 has not been furnished to the webmaster, so call 518-894-8391 for info.
So why do you have a website if I have to call some number?

Your place originally looked so interesting and inviting, but now I wonder if you are all nuts?

Convince me that I should keep trying to visit you!

Admin reply: The reason schedule information is missing is that the information has not reached the (unpaid) webmaster. He doesn't frequent the cafes as he once did, picking up copies of the paper schedule and subsequently scanning them and typing them up in HTML.

Occasionally a copy has been located (eg: @Proctors) and were typed up with very brief descriptions (or none).

Don't blame me; the cafes have received $1000's of services free, so whatever appears in these pages is a bonus to the cafes.

I hope you will continue to visit the cafes. You may find you love them.

Added: April 13, 2015
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moon river and richard are great open mic is great always a lot of people I thank richard for giving me the oportunity to play there

Added: April 1, 2015
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My band, Bourbon Therapy, from San Francisco, CA, will be playing Moon and River Cafe on Saturday, April 11th, at 7PM. I have posters on the way (via mail) to Richard but wanted to make a mention here as well so that we can get on the calendar. Andrew Mollica will be opening for us that evening.

If you go to my FB page (listed above, or search Bourbon Therapy) you'll see a digital version of the poster for the upcoming show. We are an Americana/Indie rock band featuring male/female harmonies, piano, acoustic guitar, and harmonica. Join us for a night of great music on our Spring 2015 East Coast Tour!

All the best,

--Aaron Skiles
Bourbon Therapy

Admin reply: I'll put your show into the online April schedule.

Added: March 26, 2015
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I get off work around 10pm, sometimes a lil earlier, and cause your place sounds good, I've come over on a Mon, Wed, Mon, and Tuesday. Your hours say u r open 9-11 but you are never open at 10! W-t-F! So I drive to Skank-naked-T for NOTHING! Schenectady DOES TOO SUCK if thats the way (exaggerating hours) you try to con people into your cafes.

Admin reply: The all too frequent closings at M&R is the reason that I, the webmaster, have posted the hours on the webpages as 9am - 10pm. Many nights it closes before ten .. Last Monday it was closed by 9:30 according to other emails received. HOWEVER you really should comment directly to Richard at 3821938. He does not use the internet and I no longer bring printouts to him as I no longer patronize the cafes myself.

Added: March 12, 2015
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I Visited your cafe this morning on our walking tour of the historic district. You mentioned to our friend that you had a cafe down the street and we were welcome to visit. We had coffee, tea and snacks. Wonderful little place.

Added: October 28, 2014
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Hope all is well, miss the Moon and River and it's wonderful host...

Admin reply: I'll pass your comment to Richard. Hope you'll post an update here on what you're up to. Looks like your old website got hijacked by Asians, or you've expanded your language skills. - bob

Added: July 29, 2014
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We ate lunch here on our way to Cooperstown and absolutely loved it! We were thrilled to find so many vegan and gluten-free options, and the food was delicious! I wish we lived closer so I could try every dish on the menu! Richard was also a wonderful conversationalist, and we truly enjoyed meeting him.

Added: April 19, 2014
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